The library sector is one where the automation of logistics is implemented by the use of large-scale self-service. Customers arrange the borrowing, returning or extending of library materials themselves.

A prerequisite of self-service is a properly functioning automated solution that enables the returning and borrowing of library materials independently. RFID (Radio Frequent Identification) is a mature technology that supports and simplifies the identification of library materials and the entire procedure.
Due to the introduction of self-service in libraries, working hours have been freed up with which libraries can further optimise service to customers; resulting in an extension of opening hours, expanded functions of the library and the better deployment of staff.

The EastBridge team has many years of experience in the library sector and has undertaken numerous projects. Projects that have helped match solutions to the changing role of the library. Together with the customers, we look for the right solution and as a result have realised new and leading solutions with many customers.

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The Spirit is a premium self-service solution. The Spirit can return, borrow and/or renew library materials. The Spirit comes complete with a 15″ or 17” touchscreen, receipt printer, a PC, a RFID book reader, a card reader and the unique EastBridge Library Suite. The Spirit is available in various forms.

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The Smart Shelf is a unique application in which library materials, whether one or several simultaneously, are immediately returned by putting them back in the SmartShelf. The SmartShelf is fitted with RFID antennas that recognise library materials fitted with RFID tags and are offered to the library system for processing. Handed over materials are immediately available for loaning out again.


Returning and sorting library materials is a lot of work for libraries.
Due to its versatility, the Transporter is the solution for your library. The Transporter is a return/sorting unit, whose design is based on hands-on experience, that can be fitted as desired with one or more collection points and three or more sorting categories.


The Bookdrop is a collection facility for library materials. The Bookdrop accepts materials based on RFID. The customer enters the library materials one by one. Once a material, fitted with a RFID tag, is entered the screen shows which material is being processed. Once the material is processed, it is sent to the book trolley. Optionally, the two-way sorting system can be set up so the Bookdrop sorts the materials in two categories.

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BookDrop 24/7

For libraries that want to extend their services and give the customers the opportunity to also return materials outside the opening hours, the Bookdrop 24/7 is the ideal solution. The customer keeps the book in front of the RFID-reader and the system checks whether the material in the letterbox can be handed over and, if so, unlocks the letterbox. The customer enters the book, the letterbox closes and the material is returned.

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EastBridge provides a unique anti-theft antenna system in a stylish version with high detection. The antenna system consists of two or more antennas. The antennas detect library materials for which the anti-theft label is switched on. The antenna system gives a clear sound and a light signal when set off. With this error messages or theft is quickly and efficiently detected. The security antennas can also be fitted with an integrated customer counter.


EastBridge provides a stock taking solution with which library materials can be found quickly and easily. With a wireless RFID handheld scanner you can easily look up materials in your collection. Reserved and/or written off materials are easy to find.

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EastBridge provides a work station with a premium RFID-reader and shielded antenna. This is a good solution that is optimally linked to your library system. With the included EastBridge Tools you can easily link the work station to your library system.

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For the processing of multiple library materials at once, EastBridge has an RFID tunnel reader. The tunnel reader can scan 25 books at once and processes this in the library system.

RFID tags

EastBridge provides a wide range RFID tags suitable for various materials. For libraries, EastBridge has various RFID tags available for identification and security of materials.

EastBridge Library suite
Eastbridge Library Suite

The EastBridge Library Suite is the self-service software for libraries. Based on extensive experience EastBridge has developed an extensive suite that meets national and international standards (ISO 15.693/ISO 28.560, SIP2 and SIP+). The suite consists of the following modules:
– Returning, borrowing and renewing
– Storing and forwarding (offline mode)
– Returning and Sorting
– SmartShelf, tunnel reader
– Conversion software
– Desk software