Digital Signage

How we communicate is changing significantly. Digitalisation of information, generation x, generation y, screenagers, Skype, Ping, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Steve Jobs schools… how do you connect to the contemporary way of communicating with your customers.

Digital Signage is a digital technology that uses screens to replace traditional (printed) materials. Screens that can offer targeted information and entertainment: the right content/information in the right form at the right moment to the right viewer. Digital Signage is consistent with the experience and economy of today. Purposeful, impactful, flexible, fast and simple.

EastBridge knows how to use digital technology to approach customers, to attract and entice. Not just with a website or social media but instore solutions are also of great importance. Customers are independent but want targeted information that is relevant to them.

Libraries seek new ways to approach customers in their library. Digital Signage is a technology that is perfectly suited for this. At the interface of technology and customer experience, EastBridge has multiple solutions available. Informing customers about activities, digital browsing of the library catalogue supplemented by WayFinding or a Google touch table. We develop new solutions together for customers to further enhance their experience.

Libretto 4

The Libretto is the ideal way to present your collection. You order books thematically in the Libretto and they are then shown to the customer in a dynamic way. After selection, the information about the book is also shown on the screen. If the book is not available, it can be easily reserved through the Libretto.

IMG_0056 klein
Google touchtafel

The Google table is an interactive way to inform your customers. You can use the Google table for presentations, showing websites or you can simply download one of the 100,000 apps from the playstore and make this available to customers without loss of quality.


Targeted communication with your customers is important. EastBridge has extensive experience with the suitable equipment and layout of information provision. We have good solutions available for your specific environment.

Digital Signage

For the management of your digital information, good software is of great importance. EastBridge provides solutions that enable you to easily create presentations without constraint and can show them with a time schedule. EastBridge supports your staff through training, the organisation of your DS software and with helpdesk and remote support.